Next Level Boxing

Next Level Boxing
Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday
7:45pm – 8:45pm

Clients are encouraged to arrive at 7:30pm for wrapping up and getting warmed up. Class will start promptly at 7:45pm

Slava Boxing Gym’s latest class is intended for those who have completed (but not required) the Boxing Fundamentals class and are ready to take their boxing to the Next Level. This intermediate class is a step up from the basics and will sharpen your skills as you get more individual attention and a greater breakdown of using proper boxing form all while continuing to sculpt and tone your body. If you’re ready for the ultimate challenge, get into the ring with a well-qualified trainer and begin learning how to spar. There is no greater test than getting into the ring and putting your skills to use. With controlled sparring, you will walk out of the gym a little taller, endorphins rushing, gleaming with pride. But don’t worry, if getting hit or hitting others is not quite right for you, we can accommodate each individual client based on their needs and wants. Either way, your confidence will soar as your body begins to change and you begin to master the art of boxing. Mentally and physically, boxing is the best workout available and we will prove it to you.


    • Perfecting your boxing stance
    • Working on rhythm, balance and footwork
    • Moving correctly around your opponent or the bag
    • Perfecting your punching form, speed, and power
    • Slipping and countering punches
    • Learning new punching combinations and tactics
    • Intermediate strength and condition exercises
    • Light, controlled sparring
    • Stamina, fat loss, and overall increased cardiovascular health


      • This class does not require that you bring your own equipment as we have what you need for sale at the gym
      • Water
      • 180 inch hand wraps
      • 16oz Boxing Gloves
      • Athletic shoes


      • Anyone who has learned the basic fundamentals of boxing
      • Those who have completed our Boxing Fundamentals 6 week class
      • Men and Women 12 and up


        • Warm up with some basic stretches and shadowboxing
        • Ab sequences to hone in on that six pack
        • High Intensity strength and conditioning stations for muscle building
        • Light running and hill work
        • Heavy bag, double end bag, and speed bag drills
        • Partner slipping and punching drills (controlled)
        • Light sparring with your coach
        • Cool down

Ready to get started? The price will be $150. Sign up here.

For questions or concerns, please contact Steve Kozakov at

We look forward to seeing you in class, bring a friend!